How Zone Controlled Cooling Can Benefit You


The advent of the HVAC system has made it possible for us to live in comfort, no matter the time of year or the climate outside of our home. Las Vegas HVAC systems can be literal life-savers when the blistering summer heat rolls around. If you're still using a ducted, forced air distribution-based system, you should highly consider the benefits of zone controlled cooling systems.

4 Benefits of Zone Controlled Cooling

For those not in the know, zone control HVAC systems let you cool or heat different 'zones' in your home (set by you and your technician) independently through thermostats which report to a central control panel. This control panel sends signals to electronic dampers which will either open or close depending on which zones you set to cool or heat. Though this may sound complicated, it's easy to use and has many benefits, the most notable of which are the savings you could make.

1. Energy Efficiency

For most homeowners, the biggest benefit of zone controlled Las Vegas HVAC systems is the way in which they conserve energy and keep monthly bills low. With traditional air conditioning systems, you must cool or heat the whole house in order to feel the benefits, even if you're only using one room. However, with a zone controlled system you won't need to cool or heat zones that aren't in use. You can also look forward to lower bills and sleep easy knowing that your carbon footprint is lower, too!

2. Even Cooling or Heating

Older HVAC systems often leave homes with an uneven temperature, thanks to the placement of ducts and quirky room layouts or features. However, when you have a zone controlled system in place, you rely on an even temperature throughout your house, or zone, with no hot or cold spots. An extra benefit of this is that independent zones heat and cool more quickly, so you don't have to wait too long to get comfortable.

3. Remote Control Capability

Many newer zone control HVAC systems are capable of being controlled remotely, and in some cases, they can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. This makes cooling or heating the set zones of your home easy and intuitive. For example, if there's a sudden cold snap when winter rolls around, you can set your home to heat up before you arrive. Likewise, sudden rises in temperature can be handled no matter where you are, which is great news for any pets at home.

4.Customizable Comfort

For many families, the thermostat becomes a point of contention where some family members are too hot while others are too cold. However, when you invest in a zone controlled HVAC system, you can make everyone at home comfortable by setting a different temperature in different zones when you need to.

Zone controlled HVAC systems can benefit every home, but they are most effective in homes that have basements, sunrooms, plenty of windows, or exceptionally high ceilings. This is because these systems are flexible and can be molded to suit the intricacies and quirks of your home and lifestyle. If you are considering making the switch to zone controlled systems, give our team at Rebel Refrigeration a call at (702) 766-9436 to speak to our experts.

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