The Top 5 Things Ruining Your Home's Plumbing

Plunging Toilet

We would all like to think we're fairly in-tune with the needs of our home, and if asked, most of us would say we are responsible homeowners. So, it might shock you to hear that most Las Vegas plumbers will say the biggest danger to your home's plumbing system is probably you and your family. Or more specifically, the bad habits that you, like so many of us, fall prey to. If you want to take better care of your plumbing system and avoid costly breakdowns in the future, you can start by avoiding these 5 things which are wreaking havoc on your pipes.

Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Plumbing System

These 5 bad habits are easy to break, and doing so could save you thousands of dollars by preventing avoidable breakdowns.

Toilet Paper

1. Flushing Foreign Objects

Not just a problem for families with young children (we've all seen Action Man take a dive into the unknown during our time), flushing foreign objects also means things like feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, Q-tips, and anything that isn't plain old toilet paper. Foreign objects make up the bulk of serious clogs and blockages in the average plumbing system and can cause real problems in your home, including flooding, the emergence of sewage and water from your drains, and even burst pipes.


2. Pouring Grease Down the Drain

It's something we've all done at least once, however, pouring grease (hot or cold) down your drain is just about the worst thing you could do for your pipes in the long run. The fat from the grease will coat the inside of your pipes and, over time, can build up to cause a huge blockage both in your home and in city-owned plumbing systems.

Clogged Toilet

3. Using Drop-In Toilet Fresheners

Fresheners which are deployed from your toilet tank may seem like a convenient and quick way to keep your bowl clean, but they can cause real damage to the internal workings of your toilet. You see, the chlorine which is in most of these tablets can corrode and damage the washers and gaskets inside your toilet, so it's better to stick to a good old-fashioned scrubbing brush and elbow grease.

Gardening Hose

4. Leaving the Hose Connected in Winter

While freezing conditions are, thankfully, a rarity in and around Las Vegas, there are times when winter brings an unexpected cold snap. In instances like this, chances are your insulated pipes are not going to be affected. However, if you leave your garden hose connected, the water inside could freeze and cause a knock-on effect to the water in your pipes, and come spring, the thaw could reveal a big, leaky problem!

Peeling Potato

5. Putting Potato Peels in the Garbage Disposal

Modern garbage disposals can deal with just about anything organic, however there's one kind of vegetable waste that you shouldn't be letting your garbage disposal deal with: potato skins. The high starch content of potatoes means that washing them down the garbage disposal can cause a thick, sticky mess, that turns into a serious clog and one big problem for your plumber. Instead, put these in your food waste bin, compost heap, or regular kitchen garbage.

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