Water Softener Installation

Las Vegas Water Softener Installation

Helping Resolve Your Hard Water Problems

Las Vegas is notorious for its ‘hard’ water. Hard water is defined by a high percentage of minerals in your water, most often calcium and magnesium. These minerals can affect your water in surprising ways, including damaging pipes, reducing appliance longevity, and drying your skin. Our qualified team of professionals at Rebel Refrigeration, AC & Plumbing can quickly and cleanly install a water softener unit to help your home combat hard water. We have over 20 years of experience servicing our community, and our technicians are available to answer any and all of your water supply questions.

Contact our team at (702) 766-9436 to schedule your water softener installation in Las Vegas, NV today. 

Why Install a Water Softener in Las Vegas?

Whole-home water softeners pull minerals out of your water supply, ensuring a number of benefits for your home.

4 benefits of installing a water softener:

  1. Increased appliance longevity: Hard water can cause mineral deposit buildup in appliances that use the main water supply, including laundry machine and dishwasher. These buildups can damage internal components, cutting the lifespan of these appliances drastically.
  2. Minimize soap scum buildup: Don’t suffer from having to re-clean your dishes and clothes. A whole-home water softener will diminish soap scum buildup caused by hard water.
  3. Enjoy more hydrated skin and hair: Dry and itchy skin and hair is a result of too many minerals in your water. Pulling those minerals out will help your hair and skin feel quenched.
  4. Reduced plumbing repairs: Hard water can lead to buildups in your home’s pipes, which increases the frequency of clogs and plumbing repairs. With a water softener, you cut the frequency of mineral buildup radically.

We Keep Your Home’s Water Safe

If you are considering a water softener, trust our water softener installation experts at Rebel Refrigeration, AC & Plumbing. We thoroughly evaluate your home and water usage to match you with the perfect system. We then install the softener quickly, and in a spot that will maximize the efficiency of the unit. Our Las Vegas water softener installation technicians leave nothing to chance, and once the unit is installed, we will show you how it works and check that everything was done correctly.

Water softeners can add decades to the life of your plumbing, and ensure your appliances function optimally. We are a group of qualified and highly trained professionals and guarantee your 100% satisfaction on every service. In addition to our water softener installation services, we proudly offer our neighbors throughout the area with water filtration services to keep your home’s water clean.

To schedule your Las Vegas water softener installation service, call our team today at (702) 766-9436 or fill out our quick and easy, online form.

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