Ten Ways to Naturally Cool Down Your Home


Staying cool and comfortable can be challenging for Las Vegas homeowners, especially during the summer heat. As we rely more and more on air conditioners to keep indoor temperatures cool, this has a direct impact on the rising costs of utility bills. Air conditioning systems use the most electricity than any other home appliance, so it may be beneficial to learn about natural ways to cool your home.

These natural methods can help save you money and reduce energy consumption while improving indoor air quality. Better yet, many of these methods can be applied as soon as today!

1. Make use of natural airflow.

Natural airflow and wind are one of the most efficient ways to stay cool during the summer. If you have windows on opposite ends of your home, you can create a wind tunnel for the perfect cross breeze.

2. Use ceiling fans.

When there isn't much indoor air movement, ceiling fans can produce an artificial breeze and use less energy than air conditioners. Setting your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise will create a windy breeze effect, making your home feel cooler.

3. Invest in blackout curtains or shades.

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to cool down your home is to keep your blackout curtains or shades closed during the hottest time of the day. This easy method will block the sunlight from coming in and prevent the temperatures in your home from rising.

4. Install radiant barriers.

Installing a radiant barrier is another way to reflect incoming heat. On the underside of your roof, you can staple this foil-faced paper to the rafters. A few planks should be positioned atop the ceiling joists, which act as the attic's "floor," to function as footboards while you attach the foil to the rafters above.

5. Shade your home with trees, vines, and shrubs.

Similar to blackout curtains or shades, you can also use trees, vines, and bushes to shade certain areas around your home. For example, planting trees or bushes in front of windows will prevent any sunlight from sneaking in. Additionally, shading the HVAC system will allow it to work more efficiently without overheating.

6. Switch sheets.

Seasonal bedding changes can also help you stay cool at night when you are asleep. Cotton is the ideal material for this time of year since it is breathable and cooler. Buckwheat pillows are also a great alternative for the summer because they have natural air space in between the hulls.

7. Avoid using heated appliances.

High energy and high heat appliances like the stove, oven, laundry machine, and dryer all generate excess heat in your home. To keep your home as cool as possible, avoid turning on or using these appliances during the hottest part of day.

8. Pay attention to your body's temperature.

Sometimes all it takes is an iced cool beverage to keep yourself cool. Another way to stay cool in your home is to be selective about your clothing. Opt for 100% cotton clothing for breathability and comfort.

9. Invest in LED lights.

While LED light bulbs still generate heat, they consume less energy compared to other types of bulbs like fluorescent and incandescent lights. LED light are also known for their long lifespan, low maintenance, and energy efficiency so there are many additional benefits that come with these bulbs.

10. Seal air leaks.

Leaky windows and doors allow hot air in the summer to infiltrate your home. While it may seem like a minor issue, it can affect the indoor temperature over time. Caulking and weatherstripping is a cost-effective methods to increase comfort and control indoor temperatures. Caulk is ideal for cracks or openings around door and window frames while weatherstripping is used to seal doors and windows that open.

Final note

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas weather can be extreme and daunting, so consider implementing these easy methods to naturally cool down your home. Although these methods can be effective in fighting the summer heat, it’s important to have your HVAC system maintained every season for optimal performance and extended life span. A routine check-up will ensure your system is in tip-top shape and doing its best to keep your home cool. To schedule your HVAC maintenance, give us a call at (702) 766-9436 or contact us here!

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