The Official Apology And Introduction Of Air Duct Cleaning At Rebel Refrigeration

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My Client Ms. Medford asked That I Announce This

(But only after giving me a hefty chewing out first)

Dear Friend,

What can I say? Even after 16 years in business, I’ve still got the mind set of an HVAC mechanic and not some marketing guru. I’m always thinking about things like air flow and freon levels. I know I’ll never be a Master Marketing guy (nor do I want to). But after feeling the wrath of Mrs. Medford for not letting her know we provided this special type of service, it’s time I started at least doing the obvious … letting our clients at least know we offer it here at Rebel. I think what hurts the most is that Mrs. Medford, a great client of mine, didn’t even use our company for the service (only because she had no idea we did it … my fault again), and I still got a lashing from her explaining if we offered this we ought to at least let people know about it. Sooooo, here it is

As of January 1st of this year we’ve expanded our services to include Air Duct Cleaning.The Grand Opening of this Service is September of this Month (Only 8 months late no thanks to my HVAC guy mind set). Most Grand Openings come with a discount I’m told so here it is … I’m giving a $100 discount towards any complete air duct decontamination package just to get the word out that we provide this service. That’s practically at my cost! This offer will be good for the next 30 days.

How do you know if you even need this service? If your home is over 7 years old, you suffer from allergies or asthma, or you’re consistently cleaning up dust and dirt off the furniture … you are most likely a candidate for air duct decontamination. However, I’ve invested in the best tools possible. I even have a special video camera that I can show you exactly what’s in your duct system, and there’s no charge for the consultation to show you.

All you have to do is call Irene at our office today at (702) 766-9436 to schedule your free in home consultation to determine what will be needed to get the gunk, dirt, and grime out of your duct system. Remember this offer will only last for 30 days.

That’s right. We’ve set up our vendors. We’ve hired the most skilled, neat and efficient techs around. We’ve taught ‘em the Rebel way. Nothing’s changed on the heating and air side, but we’re now more of a full-service in-home contractor for you. You get more comfort with less hassle. And let me add, unlike most carpet cleaning companies in the industry who also do duct cleaning, our techs can actually fix the equipment too. We are more than qualified to do this type of service, so it only made sense to start offering it.

You still get the service you’ve always gotten from us. We will always be a heating and air contractor. (And if I have anything to do with it, we’ll always be your heating and air contractor.) You still get great service from super-skilled techs who know how to fix systems and people because they care. We’re fair, fast, and friendly.

Now I’m going overboard : You can tell your friends to call and say they heard about this letter and we’ll give ‘em $100 off too! We want you and your friends to feel comfortable as part of the Rebel family of great customers. Just call us today at (702) 766-9436. This offer is good for the next 30 days.

Well, that’s my big news. It’s a whole new day and a whole new way to serve you better. I’m excited to prove our air duct cleaning and decontamination service is just as great as you expect!

Joe Johnson Signature

Joe the AC Guy
P.S. Dear Mrs. Medford, this was for you! Thanks for teaching me this painful, but very necessary lesson. We’ll catch you on the next one.

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