How to Remove Foul Bathroom Odors

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There are a few obvious reasons as to why there might be a bad odor in your bathroom, but if you have noticed persistent bad smells without any obvious cause, there could be troubles brewing in your plumbing system. From blockages to leaks, there are many possible causes to consider.

What Can Cause Bad Bathroom Odors

You will be able to narrow down the potential causes of your foul bathroom smell by considering the nature of the odor. If, for example, the smell is slightly musty it is likely to be a sign of persistent damp in your bathroom as a whole. This can be caused by leaks in your plumbing system or even structural damage. If the smell is more reminiscent of sewage, then the problem is most likely to be a blockage in your pipes, a build-up in your drains, or other issues with the sewage line in your home. Of course, there is also the likelihood that a bad smell is being caused by poor ventilation or a build-up of grime in hard to reach areas in your bathroom,

How to Get Rid of Bad Bathroom Smells

If you notice a persistent bad odor in your bathroom, there are a few things that you can do to remove it. These DIY freshening measures address temporary causes of foul smells, however, it will not address maintenance issues or damage. If the bad odors persist after you have tried these measures, you should contact a local professional to assess the health of your home.

1) Undertake a Deep Clean

We’re not saying your bathroom is dirty - there are simply places in the average bathroom which are hard to see and clean. If there is a generally strange smell in your bathroom, taking the time to wash the walls, clean out the toilet tank, and thoroughly scrub other hard to reach areas can make all the difference! You could also change your toilet brush (if you have one) and clean fixtures where you are able.

2) Improve Airflow

Another common cause of bad odors in a bathroom is humidity as a result of poor airflow. If your bathroom does not air out well after a shower or bath, this humid air can hang around and lead to mold formation, causing musty smells. Getting into the habit of airing your bathroom after a shower, or installing a dehumidifier will address this issue. You could also invest in a silica gel air freshener to trap moisture and freshen the room.

3) Clean Your Drains

If you have a bad odor that seems concentrated around your drains, it could well be time to undertake a thorough clean. Over-the-counter drain cleaners can be found in hardware stores and are perfect for tackling buildups of soap and hair, as well as the bacteria that they harbor. If you want to take a low-cost approach, start by mixing boiling water, vinegar, and lemon juice and pour it down your drains to help wash away grime and buildups.

If you still find yourself struggling to get rid of foul odors in your bathroom, it may be time to contact a reputable plumbing company to take a deeper look. Feel free to give us a call at Rebel Refrigeration, AC & Plumbing and one of our skill technicians will be at your service. Contact us at (702) 766-9436 or via our online contact form here.

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