What Happens When Your Sewer Backs Up?

Blocked Pipes

What Happens When Your Las Vegas Sewer Backs Up?

One of the most serious concerns that any Las Vegas plumbing system can face is sewage backup. While sewer issues are never a small problem, sewage backing up into a Las Vegas home can be a little more serious due to the heat, especially in the summer. With this in mind, acting quickly is incredibly important to ensure that the damage is minimal.

When your sewer starts to back up, a number of changes will occur in your property. Being aware of these changes and acting quickly will ensure that you avoid the worst of the secondary issues which can come about as a result of sewage backing up into your home.

1) Drains in Your House Slow

Generally, the first thing that happens when a sewer starts to back up is a slower rate of drainage in the areas closest to the blockage. This may mean that you find your sinks and tubs do not drain away at the same rate as they used to. In fact, they may even regurgitate water from time to time as the issue progresses.

2) Bad Smells

While any serious blockage in your properties drainage system will cause a pretty unpleasant smell in the vicinity of the affected drains, when sewage starts to backup, however, the odor will carry much farther than that. Over time you could find that whole rooms in your home take on the distinctive smell of raw sewage.

3) Waste Starts Pooling in Sinks and Tubs

When the blockage becomes severe enough, waste may start to flow back into your home through other drains and systems. While your sewage and plumbing lines are separate, your drains can be connected in many ways to the sewage outlines. Therefore, a block in your sewage outline may result in waste flowing into other drain systems as it looks for a way out.

4) Your Toilet Will Overflow

Once the blockage in your sewage system has become very serious, it is likely that your toilets will start to backup and overflow. This will combine the damage of flooding with the unpleasant odor of a sewage spill and can be very dangerous to your home and overall health.

5) Bacteria Will Start to Flourish

Throughout this process, bacteria will flourish inside your drains and sewage lines in a way that they never previously had a chance to. Once it starts to back up into your home, it will create a major unhealthy environment which can attract pests and cause you and your family to become vulnerable to serious illness.

What to do When Your Sewer Backs Up

If your sewer system seems to have a blockage and is starting to back up, it is time to call a reputable Las Vegas plumbing company to ensure that you get the issue fixed before your home starts to flood with sewage. Clearing a blockage is a fairly easy task for most professionals unless it has been caused by a major obstruction like tree root invasion (though this is not overly likely in Las Vegas).

When you notice signs of blockage, you can alternatively try chemical drain cleaners, however, we recommend that you use them sparingly so they do not damage your drain pipes. If this doesn’t work and your toilets or drains start to overflow and flood your home, it is time to shut off your water supply and electrical current to prevent further damage.

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