How Much Can a Dripping Sink Cost Me in Water Bills?

Leaky Sink

Did you know leaks in your plumbing can actually increase the cost of your water bill? On average, a North American household waste nearly 10,000 gallons of water due to leaks each year. Also, one in ten households experiences severe leak issues that can lead to at least 90 gallons of water wasted per day.

It may not seem much, but a dripping sink or leaking toilet can actually cost you a considerable amount of money. So if you’ve been ignoring these plumbing problems for a while now, continue reading to find out how much these may cost you. This should encourage you to find ways to conserve water and be more mindful about needed plumbing repairs.

Cost of a Dripping Sink and Showerhead

It’s tempting to ignore a dripping faucet or a showerhead because the amount of wasted water doesn’t seem much to the eye. However, for perspective, a regular leak of 10 drops per minute can waste almost a gallon per day. That’s 30 gallons a month. In many places in the US, this is around $1 per month.

Meanwhile, fast drips of a faucet may reach 120 drops per minute or 11 gallons per day. This means, in a month, you’re wasting 330 gallons which is equivalent to $6, depending on where you live.

Cost of a Running Toilet

Water from a leaky toilet runs straight into the sewer line, which is why it is sometimes difficult to notice. When left unresolved, a constantly running toilet may waste around 8 gallons of water per hour or 200 gallons per day. In a month, this could amount to over 6,000 gallons!

So depending on your location, a constantly running toilet could cost as much as $70 a month. Now imagine if you have multiple running toilets at home!

Other Causes of Your High Water Bill

Faucet leaks, showerhead drips, and running toilets are not the only factors that contribute to your high water bill. Other causes of water wastage that may increase your bill include:

  • Running the dishwasher partially full (320 gallons of water wasted per year)
  • Leaving the faucet on while brushing your teeth (8 gallons of water wasted per day)
  • Leaving the water running for 5 minutes while washing your dishes by hand (10 gallons of water wasted each time)
  • Broken sprinkler head (2,400 gallons of water wasted per month)

Final Thoughts

While the cost of a dripping sink, running toilet, or showerhead drips don’t seem significant, it’s important to think of the accumulated cost.

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