5 Attributes of a Quality Home Contractor

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When you want to secure the professional and specialized services provided by a home contractor in Las Vegas, it’s in your best interest to take the time to hire the right home contractor. This will undeniably pay off, whether you need installation, maintenance, or repair services, because you will benefit from the high-quality work that you expect and pay for. Additionally, hiring a trusted home contractor with an established business and a solid reputation will give you peace of mind while saving you valuable time and money.

Here are 5 attributes you should look for in a dependable, quality home contractor.

1. Transparency

Some homeowners may feel uneasy about hiring a new contractor especially if they’ve had a poor experience with contractors in the past. From being overcharged to unsatisfactory work to poor customer service, these are red flags that are all too common. Finding a home contractor that values full transparency should be your number one priority because transparency establishes trust. A home contractor who is fully transparent will be able to map the entire project from start to finish and provide an estimate of all costs (without any hidden surprises).

2. Years in Business

Experience is a key attribute of a reliable home contractor and should be at the top of the list of must-haves. An established company that has been in business for several years is more attested and credible than a company that is relatively new. It’s wise to hire a company that has been in the industry for a long time since they’ll have a deeper understanding of the components, systems, and tools used.

3. Reviews (Online, Referrals, Social Media)

A company may have experience in the industry however, the more important thing to consider is what their customers think of them. Great online reviews indicate that the contractor has a proven track record of satisfied customers. The right company should be easily found on established social media sites and review platforms. They should also be easy to get ahold of at any time during the day, including after hours, through email and phone. This is a big sign that they stand behind their work and honor their warranties considering it would be too hard to do so if they weren’t so easily accessible. Companies that you can’t find online or can’t be reached during after-hours should raise some red flags.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

Expertise and superior workmanship go hand-in-hand. A contractor that stands behind their work and has the necessary skills, knowledge, and certification, as well as professional, advanced equipment to get the job done will be happy to offer a money-back guarantee.

5. Licensed & Insured

Avoid unnecessary financial risk or liabilities by hiring a home contractor that holds a valid, current, and active license issued by the Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB). A reliable and credible contractor will have all the proper certifications and insurance required available at all times.

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