The Facts About Choosing A New Air Conditioner


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Inviting a contractor into your home can be stressful. During an age when the truth is just a few clicks away, many HVAC companies trade transparency for smoke and mirrors. Focused on the upsell, these heating and cooling contractors rarely take time to explain your options, consider your budget, and make the recommendation that’s best for you. At Rebel Refrigeration, we take a different approach. Leading the industry by example, we educate customers about what they can expect from our products and services—then provide straightforward pricing without gimmicks and fine print. It’s this honest, transparency that separates us from the pack, and it’s the reason so many of our customers are returning customers. So, where do you begin when it’s time to replace your air conditioning system? It’s a confusing process, but we’ll walk you through it.

5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

When it comes to buying a new air conditioner for your home, there are dozens of options to choose from. Don’t get confused about industry jargon and new technology. Here is an overview of things to consider:

  1. Air conditioner sizing. The size of your new AC equipment is determined by the size and construction of your home (think 3-ton versus 4-ton system). However, bigger is not always better—since an oversized air conditioner may cycle too often: inflating energy bills and putting stress on the equipment. To optimize AC performance, our professional technicians evaluate your home’s layout and square footage, customizing your system size to your unique comfort requirements.
  2. Energy efficiency rating. The higher your air conditioner’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the more efficiently it performs. You will pay more for higher SEER units, but you’ll also enjoy proven month-to-month savings on energy and utilities. Many older air conditioners have SEER ratings of 6 or less, while newer equipment has a minimum SEER of 10 to 13. Installing a high-efficiency air conditioner improves home comfort—and adds value to your home.
  3. Zone building codes. Your air conditioner must meet building code requirements and state/federal regulations. A certified air conditioning installer will walk you through these guidelines to ensure your AC repair or installation is up to code. These requirements exist for your safety, and should not be overlooked. If your existing system is outdated or does not meet current codes, a Rebel team member will perform an inspection and recommend equipment repair or replacement.
  4. Installation quality. Remember, the overall cost of an air conditioning unit is not just what you pay upfront. There are other factors to consider, including system lifespan and cost of repairs over time. Proper installation protects the lifespan and performance of your system. Consider this: if you pay $1,000 less for a poorly installed air conditioner, the resulting repair or early replacement costs may quickly eat up that $1,000 savings. Likewise, many air conditioner repairs or emergencies are easily avoided when your system is installed properly in the first place. Make sure you hire an experienced, certified team to install your air conditioning unit right—the first time.
  5. The cost of your air conditioner is influenced by the accessories you select, from hospital-grade clean air filters to smart thermostats and zone heating capability. Do your research to determine which options meet your indoor climate needs and deliver the most value. Your Rebel Refrigeration technician can help you outfit your new air conditioner to meet your budget and comfort objectives. No sales pressure; just straightforward recommendations.

Choosing a Quality Air Conditioner Installation Company

So, where should you begin when it’s time to choose an HVAC contractor to install your new AC system? Make sure the company is:

Meticulous & detailed.

The next time you see a service vehicle, take note of its condition. Is the dash strewn with papers? Is the exterior dirty? Unfortunately, companies that do not pay attention to the little things may not pay attention to the big things, like workmanship and service experience. Tidy vehicles and uniformed technicians speak volumes about a company; they are telltale signs of professionalism. At Rebel Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, our uniformed service technicians arrive arrive in well-maintained, well-organized vehicles that are fully equipped with the parts and materials we need to efficiently complete your job. We call it our “warehouse on wheels,” and you’ll call it a welcome change.

Professional & reliable.

Allowing a stranger into your home, no matter the reason, is daunting. You want to choose an air conditioner installation company that employs experts of the highest integrity. Anticipating your concern, we ensure that all technicians are drug-tested, background checked, and up to date on the latest industry trends and HVAC technologies.

Invested in Your Project

Many HVAC companies pay their employees by the hour. Regardless of whether a job is properly completed or whether they must make a return trip to fix a botched job, these technicians still get paid. Rebel technicians are paid by the project, so it is in their best interest to deliver total satisfaction. Fully invested in every visit, repair, and installation, we make it our daily goal to get things right—the first time.

The Real Rebel Difference

Our service calls take twice as long as competitors, because we pack so much value into our visits. Comprehensive HVAC service includes:

  • Examining interior ductwork for cleanliness using static pressure technology to “see” the air.
  • Thoroughly inspecting ductwork design and sizing.
  • Ensuring drip legs are installed on gas lines.
  • Making sure secondary drain pans are installed in the attic.
  • Installing canvas connectors to prevent system vibrations from traveling through the home.
  • Installing safety shutoff controls on evaporators, protecting against water damage in the event of a leak or emergency.
  • Installing a hard-start kit in every unit to improve energy use. Ninety percent of companies only offer this as an upgrade, but we include it at no extra cost!

Purchasing a new or upgraded air conditioner for your Las Vegas home is a major investment. Rebel delivers the ultimate service experience, protected by the boldest guarantee in town: Fixed Right or It’s Free™. It’s our hallmark, and the reason satisfied customers return to Rebel time and time again. Trust us with your cooling comfort when the heat is on!

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