$50 If You Can Finish This Sentence!


Once a Heating and Air Contractor …

A. Always a heating and air contractor
B. Rarely a brain surgeon
C. Never a dull moment

Dear Friend,

Which did you pick?

After 20 years in this business, I’ve seen mostly “A’s.” Heating and air conditioning contractors are very habit-oriented. And I don’t know any heating and air contractors who have gone into brain surgery. Likewise, I’ve not seen any brain surgeons go into heating and air. Perhaps it’s because our test is too hard for them! Go figure.

Regardless, “C” would be my choice for Rebel! That’s why I’m writing you this very “un-dull” letter.

We’ve changed. Big-time.

You still get the service you’ve always gotten from us. We will always be heating and air contractors. (And if I have anything to do with it, we’ll always be your heating and air contractor.) You still get top notch service from super-skilled techs who know how to fix systems and peoplebecause they care. We’re fair, fast, and friendly.

But there’s something we’ve never been. Until now.

Most customers have gotten used to “our way” of service. It’s technically “your way” since we’re serving you. (Maybe that’s why it’s so popular.) So in response to your requests…

As of May 1st, we’ve expanded our services to include plumbing!

That’s right. We’ve set up our plumbing vendors. We’ve hired the most skilled, neat and efficient plumbing techs around. We’ve taught ‘em the Rebel way. Nothing’s changed on the heating and air side, but we’re now more of a full-service in-home contractor for you. You get more comfort with less hassle.

To introduce you to this new service, consider this letter as a $50 coupon toward any plumbing service from us.
Now I’m going overboard: Heck, you can tell your friends to call and say they heard about this letter and we’ll give ‘em $50 off their next service too! We want you and your friends to feel comfortable as part of the Rebel family of great customers.

Well, that’s my big news. It’s a whole new day and a whole new way to serve you better. I’m excited to prove our plumbing service is just as great as you expect! You can learn a little more about our plumbing services online here.

Yours for great service,

Joe Johnson Signature
Joe Johnson

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