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An Interesting Story… Takes 90 Seconds To Read

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An Interesting Story … And the Topic of Yesterday’s Staff Meeting

During a recent customer service training session, I shared the true story below… we then discussed the importance of treating each of our clients with the same dignity and respect whether we visit them once every five years, or five times in a year… that each of our clients are special to us … in fact some of the most important people in our lives … providing the very means by which we support our families.

In the 1870′s described as very plainly dressed, a simple couple by the name of Leland and Jane Stanford walked in to the administrative offices of Harvard University one morning and waited patiently for the receptionist to look up. When she finally looked up, seemingly irritated asked, “May I help you”. Jane and Leland explained that they would like to meet with the President of Harvard University. With a smirk the receptionist replied, “He is very busy”. They advised the receptionist they would prefer to wait. The receptionist merely rolled her eyes and continued with what she was doing. Finally at about 12:30 in the afternoon the President showed up, and the receptionist advised him, “These people want to talk to you”. After another twenty minutes went by the President came out of his office and noticed Leland and Jane still waiting. Seemingly impatient and in a hurry told them, “I have about 5 minutes. I know you do not have an appointment, but what can I do for you”. Leland and Jane explained that a year prior their son had passed away from Typhoid Fever, and that he always wanted to attend Harvard University. They asked what the possibilities might be of doing some sort of memorial at the university in his name. The President explained to them he was sorry for their loss, however it was just impossible to do a memorial and not in the budget for a charitable contribution like this. Leland and Jane told the President they were sorry for the confusion, but that they were thinking of naming a building of some sort after their son. The President of the university said, “Don’t be silly Mr. and Mrs Stanford. Some of the buildings here have costed almost a million dollars. Now if you don’t mind I’m very busy. The receptionist can show you out”. Leland and Jane looked somewhat bewildered, paused and looked at each other for a moment. They then turned there attention back the President where Leland said, “Is that all? For some reason we were thinking much more”. They thanked him for his time and headed out.

The next morning, Leland and Jane Stanford provided the funding for and hired the staff who would design what would become known as Stanford University.

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