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Sewage backup, overflow, or flooding is one of the most damaging and unpleasant things that can happen in your home. It is also quite common, which is why there are so many companies that specialize in cleaning up the aftermath. Nonetheless, we can safely say that prevention is the best method. With that said, we have listed the four most common causes of sewage backup to prevent major inconveniences in your personal space.

4 Problems Which Commonly Cause Sewage Backups

Each of these four problems or occurrences has been rated as one of the most common reasons for sewage backups and overflows in Las Vegas homes. Some can be prevented with maintenance and vigilance, others are out of your control, but all will give you and your family a preventable headache.

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Solid Flushes

A ‘solid flush’ is anything flushed into your system that is non-decomposable. For example, your child flushing small toys, diapers, or garbage into your plumbing system. Unless the item in question is very large, you may not see an immediate issue. Nonetheless, when toilets and home plumbing are backed up, there’s a chance that it has been caused by one solid flush too many.

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2. Hygiene Products

Flushing ‘soft’ personal hygiene items like baby wipes, make-up wipes, tampons, paper towels, and even ‘flushable’ wipes can cause sewage backups too. However, there’s something else to consider; your bath and shower drain. While most overflows are caused by toilet blockages, what washes down your drain can also cause issues. Hair, for example, can cause blockages when not cleared away. So can peelable face-masks, which congeal into a thick, sticky substance when washed down the drain. We recommend that you invest in a washable guard to minimize blockages.

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3. Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots are some of the strongest and most persistent invaders that a home-owner can face. If they can crack and lift sidewalks, imagine what they could do to your sewage line! If a tree sits too close to your home’s sewage line, clogs could be caused by its roots cracking or protruding into the line. You can avoid this problem by having a professional Las Vegas plumbing company to look at your sewage line and its proximity to any encroaching flora. If it’s too late, however, you’ll need them to cut the roots away so that they don’t invade again.

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4. Structural Defects

It’s rare for structural defects like this to be caused by one huge event such as an earthquake. Instead, they tend to happen over time. In the case of your underground plumbing and sewage systems, the defects to watch out for are misalignment, holes, or cracks. Any of these can lead to sewage overflow over time. Be sure to have your plumbing checked regularly so you can catch problems before they seep into your living space.

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External Causes of Sewage Backup or Overflow

There are other circumstances that might cause sewage overflow or damage to your home. The disheartening fact is that these are things you have no control over. If the city sewer system backs up or experiences a surge, for example, you could get a nasty shock. In this case, you are most likely to see flooding in your basement. In other cases, water may come out through your drains and toilet. Secondly, if there is flooding of any kind, though not overly common in Las Vegas, it may be contaminated. In both of these cases, you should ensure you wear the right protective clothing to avoid illness, even if you can’t see sewage in the water and contact a reputable plumbing company immediately.

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