What Not To Do With Your Thermostat In The Winter


The winter months bring cooler weather, and when the temperatures drop it’s natural to reach out to your thermostat and get the heat going in your home. Although it’s easy to set your thermostat and forget it for the winter season, there are a few easy tips you can follow in order to make sure you’re not wasting electricity and making the most out of your home heating. Here’s what NOT to do with your thermostat this winter:

Don’t Crank The Heat

If you’re really cold, and the temperature in your house is chilly, it’s easy to head on over to your thermostat and crank up the heat really high. This is not the best option for your winter heating, as turning the thermostat to higher temperatures doesn’t necessarily mean your house will heat faster. You have to be patient and allow the thermostat to heat your home at a normal pace.

Don’t Overwork The System

If you begin to notice that your thermostat is not reaching the desired temperature you want it at, do not turn the heat up higher to try and compensate for the loss of degrees. For example: if your desired temperature for your home is 75 degrees, your thermostat is set to 72, and you’re only reaching 69, turning the heat up to 80 degrees will not help your situation. Most likely if your heater is not reaching your desired temperature, there might be something wrong with the HVAC system, so it’s best to call in a professional to make sure there’s not a bigger issue.

Don’t Lower The Temperature At Night

Going from one extreme to the next can really work your system hard. Lowering the thermostat drastically in the evening will only cause it to work harder in the daytime to heat your home back up. If your main heater system is too much while you’re asleep, try a small room heater for just the bedroom at night, or close off some of the air vents to direct the heat in rooms you prefer it to go.

Don’t Leave It Running

If there’s no one home and you’re running your thermostat, then you’re simply wasting electricity. Try to install a thermostat that you can control from your phone so that you can always make sure it is set at a temperature that won’t waste energy. It’s also important to let your HVAC system rest. Constantly running it, especially while not home, can put a heavy burden on your heater. Not cranking the heater while you’re out of the house will expand the life and health of your system in the long run.

Don’t Rely On Just Your Heater

open windowsDuring the day, the sun shining through your windows can help to heat your home. If you open your blinds and curtains, then the natural light filtering in will warm up the house a few degrees, and you won’t have to change the temperature on your thermostat as often during the daytime hours.

At Rebel Refrigeration, our professional staff can help you prepare for the winter months. Schedule an appointment today to have your HVAC system inspected for a quick, maintenance check up!

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