Boost Your Health & Your Air Conditioning System With Air Duct Decontamination


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When Should I Have Air Ducts Cleaned?

All home and business owners can benefit from duct cleaning on a regular basis, but it’s especially important to have your ventilation system cleaned and decontaminated when:

  • You install a new air conditioning system. Decontaminating the air ducts in your home or business prevents wear and tear on your new HVAC equipment, and improves its performance and lifespan.
  • You’ve been in your home or business for over seven years. Don’t put off having your air ducts inspected, as they could be contributing to your evaporator coils being plugged with dirt which can cause high utility bills and shorten the life span of your compressor, as well as aggravate respiratory illnesses and allergies. A thorough duct inspection will help you address air duct problems before they lead to costly HVAC repairs.

Benefits of Air Duct Decontamination

There are a number of proven benefits to having air ducts decontaminated on a recommended basis, including:

  • Improved indoor air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the air inside your home is four or five times more polluted than outdoors—and up to 100 times! Duct decontamination improves indoor air by eliminating irritating pollutants like allergens, chemicals, pet dander, viruses, dust mites, and bacteria.
  • Improved health. When the air in your home or business is healthy, there’s a greater chance you will be healthy, too! Many Rebel customers report an improvement in allergies and respiratory symptoms after having air ducts decontaminated. Having ductwork cleaned is especially important for family members or employees who suffer from upper respiratory conditions, emphysema, asthma, immune problems, and other chronic health concerns.
  • Improved HVAC performance. When dust, debris, and other pollutants are clogging your ductwork, your air conditioner must work harder to circulate air and keep you comfortable. When your HVAC system works harder, utility bills rise. Avoid this costly cycle by ensuring that your ventilation system is clean, decontaminated, and functioning properly.

No need to fear. Rebel is here!

If you’ve never had ducts cleaned and decontaminated, Rebel Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can help! On their first visit to your home or business, Rebel technicians perform a comprehensive visual and camera inspection and go over results in detail. Recommending the duct cleaning process that is most cost-effective for your building requirements, we sign an agreement and return to decontaminate the system at a time that fits your schedule. Rest assured we never cut corners, so each air duct decontamination job takes two technicians an estimated 2.5 to 4.5 hours per system. When the job is complete, you’ll benefit from reduced dust and healthier, cleaner air.

Request an Estimate for Air Duct Decontamination

Scheduling duct cleaning is as easy as giving us a ring or connecting online. Request your free quote today, or call (702) 766-9436 to speak with a Rebel Refrigeration & Air Conditioning representative. We look forward to serving you—and to improving the indoor air quality in your home or business!

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