What to Expect During an HVAC Installation?

HVAC Installation

Las Vegas has some of the wildest weather in the country and installing a reliable HVAC system can keep your living space comfortable all year round. In addition, when you choose the right HVAC system, you can enjoy cost savings due to its energy efficiency and keep your family healthy as it can help maintain excellent indoor air quality.

Buying a new HVAC system for your home is a huge investment and we want you to feel confident about your decision to install a new HVAC system. So in this article, we will break down everything you can expect during the process.

What Happens During the Installation Day

Before the big day arrives, it’s important that you clear the obstacles in the area of installation both inside and outside. Take note that this can be an all-day project, so consider this when planning your day.

When our HVAC technicians arrive at your home, they will walk you through the process and review your purchase. They will also have a look at where they will install your HVAC system and lay down floor and wall protection in the form of drop cloths, mats, and tarps to avoid scuffing and damage. Our technicians will also wear hygienic shoe covers and wear proper safety gear.

Next, they will remove and dispose of your old HVAC system to give room for the installation of the new unit. The installation could take 4 to 7 hours, as they might need to modify existing ductwork, gas lines, and wiring to properly install the new system.

Once the installation is complete, it’s time to test the system. There’s a 57-point commissioning process to ensure that all of the manufacturer’s specifications during heating and cooling are met.

Finally, they will clean up the area and return everything to how they were when they arrived.

Debriefing After HVAC Installation

After the installation and testing, our technicians will wrap everything up by providing a rundown of what they’ve done, explaining everything you need to know about your new HVAC system and how to operate it. They will also provide valuable maintenance tips that will maximize the new unit’s lifespan.

Reliable service providers will also schedule a follow-up visit where a quality control inspector will check for any lapses in the installation. This will give you peace of mind that the HVAC system is installed properly and working as it should.

After a year from the time your HVAC has been installed, it is ready for a maintenance plan. This can protect your investment and honor the 10-year warranty of the manufacturer.

Partnering with Expert HVAC Installers

Working with reliable HVAC installation experts is just as important as choosing the right system to buy. If you want to make the most out of your investment, only partner with trusted service providers like us at Rebel Refrigeration.

From helping you explore your options to the actual installation, maintenance, and repair of your HVAC system, we’ve got your back! Aside from HVAC units, we also service refrigeration and plumbing systems.

Contact our crew of experienced technicians today and let us provide exceptional workmanship and customer service! Give us a call at (702) 766-9436 or contact us here.

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