“I goofed …My error is now your Pot of Gold!!!”

Don’t pay full price later when you can upgrade to a top name air conditioner NOW and save HUGE at my End-of-Summer Sale!

Dear Friend,

            HELP!!!! I’ve got a problem and I’m putting out an S.O.S. to all existing clients who may be in the position to take advantage of it.  Each year when I place my order for summer inventory I have to try and guess how much inventory to order.  Of course, because it was such a mild summer up until mid August, I’m way off on how much inventory I have left and I’m already committed to my winter stock order. 

            Normally, I don’t think it’s right to profit from another person’s worries, but in my case … please, be my guest!

            My problem is that summer is over and I’ve still got 29 of the most common size air conditioners / heaters to get rid of so we can start receiving our winter shipments I’ve committed to.  I figure I’ve got about 4 weeks to make room for them.  I hope you’ll help. 

            If your air conditioner is ten years old or older – even if it’s still running you’re cooling your home on borrowed time.  And you could be paying higher than 30-50% more for utilities than you need to.  So, why wait to replace your unit at full price?  Instead, you can do us both a HUGE favor and replace it now in the off season, pay much less than list price, cut you electricity bill for this year and years ahead, plus have it replaced at your convenience as opposed to it going out on a Friday night during the hottest part of summer when you may have to wait days to get it replaced?  Below are the details of what I’ve put together.

  • An immediate $1,000 off the regular list price of a top quality air conditioner.
  • Unbelievably low weekly payments of just $20-$30 with our preferred financing upon approval.
  • As much as 30-50% savings on your cooling and heating utility usage. In fact, in you don’t save at least 25% over the first year I’ll pay you double the difference at the end of the first year when you purchase a high efficiency system.
  • Your system is replaced at your convenience as opposed to your unit going out in the middle of July on a Friday night when all AC companies are pulling their hair out … possibly causing you time off from work.
  • Plus, as an added bonus I’ll throw in a Factory 10 Year Parts and Labor Guarantee for purchasing one of our deluxe high efficient systems. That means you’ll be worry free for 10 years!
  • Lastly, at no extra cost I’m going to throw in an upgrade and install a Programmable Thermostat which is also designed to save money on your utility bills. Hey, every little bit helps these days for sure.

(Read On … Here’s the icing on the cake) 

I know you may be sitting their doing the math.  All totaled, that’s a nice chunk of money – especially when your air conditioner will soon need to be replaced anyway if it’s over 10 years old. 

So, call 734-7750 right now to make an appointment for a no-cost, no-obligation Needs Analysis and Replacement Survey. This offer will only be available until I sell my summer inventory. 

If nothing else, call to find out more about just how much you can save.  In fact, I’m so desperate to clear out our stock in the next 4 weeks, I’ll even sweeten the pot just to get you to call.  Here is the icing on the cake …  

Even though this is a no-cost, no-obligation survey, just for reading my letter and giving me the opportunity to share this special offer along with the financing program and utility savings I’m going to give you a FREE $50 gift certificate for our services whether you chose to take advantage of this special offer or not.  I want you to think well of Rebel Air Conditioning and Heating even if you choose not to buy.  Either way you can’t lose. 

So, again, to answer my S.O.S call Irene at our office at 734-7750 right now for an appointment.  If not, you may be kicking yourself later when your AC goes out and you have to pay full price for a replacement.  This is a once in a lifetime offer that I have rarely before made.  Again, this offer will only last until I get rid of existing supplies. 

P.S. I’ll gladly extend this offer to any of your friends and family members.  And should they choose to buy one of these 29 units that I have left, we’ll also send you a FREE $50 gift certificate to your house just for the referral. 

Thanks in advance for your help …

Joe The AC Guy