Free Carbon Monoxide Test

A study in the New England journal of Medicine calls carbon monoxide " one of the most common causes of morbidity due to poisoning in the United States," Home owners should protect themselves against tasteless, odorless, invisible carbon monoxide gasses produced by furnaces, water heaters and gas appliances with regular inspections and maintenance by trained professionals.

With out a annual preventive program in place 80% of systems are not maintained by a professional and most people are taking a chance. People wouldn't dream of taking poison, but every winter they manufacture batches of the stuff in their own homes. usually , they aren't aware of it, but as natural gas furnaces fire up to stave off the chill in the air and water heaters cycle more frequently, danger lurks.

A crack anywhere in the heat exchanger of a gas furnace or water heater can result in dangerous carbon monoxide gas being circulated throughout the home, Unless the owner has carbon monoxide monitoring devices installed, they'll never know about it until they start to develop symptoms of CO poisoning, which often are confused with the FLU or other illnesses.

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