Answer 1: You probably like to SAVE money.
Answer 2: If your system stops, you want service fast.
Answer 3: You probably want your equipment to last as long as possible since you paid good money to have it installed.

By becoming one of our Preferred Client Members here is what you'll receive in addition to our periodic maintenance services:

Rapid Response to Service Needs: When an emergency problem occurs, your call automatically goes to the front of the list, which means the quickest response possible.

Fewer Costly Repairs: Having periodic maintenance service done on your equipment means we can often find and correct minor problems before they become major budget busters!

Discounted Pricing On Repairs: If a repair is needed, you will automatically receive up to a 20% discount for being a Preferred Client Member which includes a 2 Year Labor Warranty.

Lower Utility Bills: Well maintained equipment does not hav e to run as long to do the job, which ultimately will result in a lower utility bill.

Longer Lasting Equipment: When your equipment is kept in "Tip Top Shape" it will last far longer extending the life of your system.  This factor along will more than pay for your investment in out Preferred Client Membership.

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