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Recent Shows

Today's show was about whole home humidifers and the conversation was one of the most informative ever where we discussed  the great benefits of having proper humidity levels even here our dry climate of Las Vegas.  A must hear!

Want to hear Joe The AC Guys description of the Anatomy of a Top Technician? Listen in to this segment of today's Joe The AC Guy Radio Show!

Great time doing a live remote broadcast at Dona Maria's Mexican Restaurant.  Great people, great food! We've done the work their for over 10 years.

Proctor Engineering guest hosts the Joe The Guy Show to explain the how NV Energy is giving away money to tune up your old AC system or even replace it with a new higher efficiency system!

Have you ever thought about getting into the HVAC trade? This show might be for you!

Topics: Why pricing by the job vs. by the hour is more in the clients best interest.

How an air conditioning system works.

(7:49 mark) Discussion about metering devices.

(27:00 mark) Joe The AC Guy interviews his high school American Literature teacher.

(46:00 mark) How to hire a qualified contractor.

(4:00 Minute Mark) We got to interview Joan Fried, Owner of Freed’s Bakery of Las Vegas.  They’ve been in business 52 years in Las Vegas and participate regularly on the food network channels.

(21:00 Minute Mark) We provided insightful information in dealing with the most common high ticket repair that occurs in air conditioners, compressor failures.

(45:20 Minute Mark) Customer service and treating people with respect goes a long way, and it’s been that way since the beginning of time.  Here’s a story from back in the 1800’s that proves it.

In this show we discussed getting into the HVAC industry, things you need to know about freon that affect how you go about repairs, the infamous corned beef and cabbage recipe, and best / worst April fool's pranks.